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How to choose

We would like to introduce to you each option by classifying each product range to its intended use

Contour rail

The most compact wall hanging rail for any household (only 12.5 mm high). Can be installed further down the wall for a defined line effect. Can be glued down.

What we love about it: compact, elegant, adds a deco touch to your wall. Choose the Aluminum version or the white which can be painted to any wall colors.

Click Rail

A flexible wall hanging system that is easy to install and can be used for residential or commercial.

The hanging rail’s appearance makes it easy to integrate in any room or interior. The Click & Connect system makes it simple to fix the rail to the wall.

What we love about it nearly invisible, compact in price and multiple options for hanging systems and hooks.

Click Rail Pro

Can be used anywhere on walls for those who want to hang “heavy” (load capacity of 50 kg/m) or want to show off their rails.

Hanging heavy pictures and wall decorations is no problem with the Click Rail Pro.

What we love about it the brushed Aluminum version looks fantastic, cool design.

Top Rail

Hanging system for ceiling when you can not hang up on the wall. Fits any interior. What we love about it discreet by its size making your artwork hang straight from the ceiling

Combi rail

A beautiful way to hang and illuminate art at the same time, suitable for home or galleries….

What we love about it: 2 products in 1

Build in options:

Art strip

The Art Strip is the picture hanging system that may be hidden in a recessed ceiling. It replaces the side strip which is used for the installation of recessed ceilings.

What we love about it strong (50 kg per meter), installed at the same time as recessed ceiling.

Ceiling strip

This rail is mounted behind the cornice so that it becomes invisible from inside the room.

What we love about it invisible and high-quality finish.

Shadow line masonry

This fully integrated rail system is specially designed for use with masonry walls.

What we love about it; The Shadowline profile disappears completely in the shadow line next to the ceiling panels.

Shadow line Plasterboard

The Shadowline rail – drywall enables the placement of an invisible picture hanging system between plasterboard walls and ceiling panels.

What we love about it: the flexible picture hanging system is hidden.

Hang wires and hooks

Artiteq picture hooks stand out from other hooks due to their excellent quality and variety. Over the years, Artiteq has developed an extensive range of hooks to be used in combination with picture hanging systems.

The Micro Grip represents the newest generation of hooks. The hook is extremely lightweight and very easy to use due to the high-quality plastic reinforced with fibreglass.

Artiteq Hands

Artiteq offers a great range of nylon perlon & steel hanging wires for picture hanging systems. All Twister hanging wires can be easily fitted or repositioned anywhere along the picture hanging rail compared to the Slider and Hex Glider hanger which will be fitted and removed at the end of the rail only.

Display and presentation systems

In some rooms, it is not possible to install a flexible hanging system in the form of a hanging rail with cords and hooks. Let us introduce to you the many options in terms of display systems, info rails and colorful or not so colorful solo hanging systems.

Multiple Hanging Options Multiple Hanging Options
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Quality Framing

We understand the value of each art piece – whether financial or sentimental – and use a selection of quality materials, while remaining mindful of price. Our range and studio is regularly updated to help you create that unique look and improve the decor within. But most importantly by having some custom framing done, you will preserve your piece. Find out more

We are experts at framing art, photo, memorabilla and canvas stretching as well as blockmounting. From canvas art and prints to objects and photos, the possibilities are positively beautiful.

So visit us in our great location, 22 Martyn Street for complete satisfaction and any framing supplies that you may need.

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