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Canvas stretching and framing

Your artwork is in the best of hands. Art Stretching is an art itself to ensure that it remains tight over many years. Professionally  done and ready to hang.

Depending on your image to be stretched and the look that you are trying to achieve, we are able to wrap the image onto the sides of the stretcher frame. We have in store many beautiful options for floating frames. We use backing to seal and protect the rear of your art canvas stretcher or canvas image.

Some artists prefer to stretch the canvas themselves and we can help you, too. We sell quality artist canvas by the meter. It is available in our store, 22 Martyn Street from 830 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday or 830 am to 12 pm on Saturday. If you’re a budding artist just starting out and want a less expensive option than stretched canvas, or you are so prolific you simply want a more durable option, then we supply canvas applied to board for artists to paint on.

As an iconic “frame shop near me”, we are able to deliver same day or next day service for your last minute request.

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Canvas Framing Canvas Framing
Canvas Framing Canvas Framing

Quality Framing

We understand the value of each art piece – whether financial or sentimental – and use a selection of quality materials, while remaining mindful of price. Our range and studio is regularly updated to help you create that unique look and improve the decor within. But most importantly by having some custom framing done, you will preserve your piece. Find out more

We are experts at framing art, photo, memorabilla and canvas stretching as well as blockmounting. From canvas art and prints to objects and photos, the possibilities are positively beautiful.

So visit us in our great location, 22 Martyn Street for complete satisfaction and any framing supplies that you may need.

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