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Jersey and Footy jumpers and other sports artifacts.

If you have a special, signed sports jersey folded up in your cupboard, we can put it on show for you.

Footy jumper framing is a great way to preserve your beloved Footy jumpers and display them with pride! We offer a variety of options to compliment your team colours and enhance the visual display of your jumper.Our expert framer Wayne Mc Villy will design a frame for your footy jumper that will suit your tastes and budget. We can create a variety of displays including adding photos and game tickets, plaques for a bigger impact. Double mats and plaques are also great add ons for footy jumper frames.

We have done framing for major AFL clubs, cricket clubs and sports associations.

All 3D objects, from singlets, caps, other apparel and everything in between, can be displayed in a framed case that not only looks great but will help to protect it for future generations to enjoy.

Our latest creations have been some of your childhood favourites star wars characters, lego etc all jumbled up together which simply looks amazing and cherishes those toys forever…..or some of your collectable loved spoons


Medal framing will protect and able you to display your treasured medals as a superbe gift for your loved one. Our team Delphine Autier and Wayne McVilly will design a unique frame to your complete satisfaction, we garantee it. We have over 20 years medal framing experience.

From museum quality mats to unique textures and colours, our digitised automated mat board cutting machine enable us to cut to an extreme precision with high design flexibility so we can create intricate details and incorporate photos and plaques


Our picture framing process of Tapestries and cross stitch includes pin stretching the work firmly and precisely over the backing board (no glue is being used) to preserve the piece from any damage. You will then have a choice of layered mat boards and frame mouldings to bring extra attention and UV glass to protect your tapestry from fading.

At Australian Art Framers, we only use acid-free mat boards to prevent your fabrics from discolouring.

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Memorabilia Memorabilia
Memorabilia Memorabilia

Quality Framing

We understand the value of each art piece – whether financial or sentimental – and use a selection of quality materials, while remaining mindful of price. Our range and studio is regularly updated to help you create that unique look and improve the decor within. But most importantly by having some custom framing done, you will preserve your piece. Find out more

We are experts at framing art, photo, memorabilla and canvas stretching as well as blockmounting. From canvas art and prints to objects and photos, the possibilities are positively beautiful.

So visit us in our great location, 22 Martyn Street for complete satisfaction and any framing supplies that you may need.

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