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Why Custom Frame?

Some insights from our dedicated team on why your photograph or artwork deserves the right mat, frame and our expert advice.

Our team will advise you on choosing the right color mat so that it acts as a visual rest between the frame and the image. The viewer will then enjoy a clean aspect when viewing the artwork.The artwork should not compete for attention.with the mats and frame.

If matched carefully and properly proportioned, mats  and frame serve to help draw the eye in towards the framed piece. This especially applies towards a particular key element of the piece. They are able to be cut to “stack” inside of a frame, allowing for double, triple or quadruple matting. Australian Art Framers carries a large selection of mats in various finishes and  colors. Further more the quality will stand the test of time.

The backing board

Framers or curators work in museum and galleries. When deciding to frame an artwork, photographs or prints, their task is  performed in a reversible   and preserving way. This means that nothing should be glued down.

The matboard

Most noteworthy the use of mat accomplishes several tasks. Firstly and especially in the Tropics, artwork should not touch the glazing material (Clarity or Museum glass, regular glass or Perspex). This is primarily important because any condensation that develops on the inside of the glass can be transferred to the piece. If they are not separated, this will result in water damage, mould or mildew. Also photos should  be separated from the glass because the surface of photographs is particularly easy to damage. The image  may even separate from its original paper and stick to the glass.

If a mat can not be used due to the edges of the work needing to show, we have the option to insert a spacer under the rebate of the frame.

We bevel the window of a mat but a bevel is not absolutely necessary.

Artwork on a paper that is not matted can still be framed but the artwork will have to be floated on the backing board. Meaning the paper is then glue to the board and tearing could occur when wanting to make any changes in a few years to come.

Acid Free

Additionally, any adhesive and mat used must be “neutral PH”.  They are free of acids (which could potentially discolor your paper). The tapes are water based so they can be removed. Masking tape or any tape that has a wet, sticky, adhesive surface should not be used. Over time they will dry out and lose their adhesion and your picture will not hang properly inside the frame.”The measured PH level of a product is not permanent. The PH can gradually change over time depending on the chemical interactions of the materials and environmental conditions it comes in contact with. This is especially important to consider inside a picture frame” (Jared Davis, MCPF, GCF).

Your choice of glass

The option to choose your glass comes with custom framing.The True Vue range offers many choices to our clients. Because the glass does a lot to enhance.


Framing will seal the paper from harmful air pollution, sunlight, insects and bugs. Expect to have your artwork remove from its frame, be re- matted, glass to be cleaned or changed every 7 to 10 years.

Agood frame can be expected to protect the artwork for this length of time. Otherwise you take the risk of mould or mildew starting to create dark yellow pigments (foxing)first on the mat,  then the artwork.

So try something you have done before and help your image look its best.

Give your photos a new life Give your photos a new life
Give your photos a new life Give your photos a new life
Give your photos a new life Give your photos a new life

Quality Framing

We understand the value of each art piece – whether financial or sentimental – and use a selection of quality materials, while remaining mindful of price. Our range and studio is regularly updated to help you create that unique look and improve the decor within. But most importantly by having some custom framing done, you will preserve your piece. Find out more

We are experts at framing art, photo, memorabilla and canvas stretching as well as blockmounting. From canvas art and prints to objects and photos, the possibilities are positively beautiful.

So visit us in our great location, 22 Martyn Street for complete satisfaction and any framing supplies that you may need.

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