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Jigsaw Puzzle Framing

The framing of a Jigsaw Puzzle can showcase your long hours of dedicated work while creating a stunning piece of art to hang or feature in your home.

Each step of framing a jigsaw puzzle uses the best materials, equipment and our instore framer, Wayne’s expertise.

With a large collection of picture frame mouldings to choose from, you can be sure that your frame of choice will complement and enhance your jigsaw puzzle.

The first step is to apply a UV shield heat press overlay. Your artwork becomes easy to wipe, and keep clean, and protected from fading. This does not require glass on.

You may wish to only have the overlay applied to keep it together, and have the other steps done at a later stage.

We then glue the puzzle to an acid free backing board and install the frame moulding around the artwork.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Framing Jigsaw Puzzle Framing
Jigsaw Puzzle Framing Jigsaw Puzzle Framing

Quality Framing

We understand the value of each art piece – whether you consider it a financial or sentimental investment– and we use a selection of quality materials, while remaining mindful of price. Our range and studio are regularly updated to help you create that unique look and improve the decor within. But most importantly by having some custom framing done, you will preserve your piece.


At Australian Art Framers, we are experts at framing art, photographs, memorabilia and canvas stretching as well as block mounting. From canvas art and prints to objects and photos, the possibilities are positively beautiful..

So, visit us at 22 Martyn Street for complete satisfaction and any framing supplies that you may need.

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